Pests and tough stains can leave your outdoor surfaces dirty and unappealing. It’s difficult to altogether remove these stains without damaging your furniture, patio, or deck. The pressure washer gun is powerful enough to remove dirt and grime from any surface with ease but gentle enough to prevent damage.

Remove tough stains with a 3000 psi 2.3 gpm pressure washer perfect for industrial and household cleaning tasks. The innovative pressure boosting technology makes it quick, easy, and affordable for anyone to have a tidy yard without spending hours scrubbing by hand.

A pressure washer is equipped with a hose that connects to a water faucet, which supplies water for the engine compartment and the pressurized cleaning head.

Once you turn on the water supply and depressurize the hose’s trigger nozzle against an object that needs washing, a powerful stream of water comes out of that nozzle anywhere.

Advantages Of Pressure Washer

Their purpose is to provide a safe cleaning method that does not use harsh chemicals or scratching. The pressure produced by the machine can be concentrated on specific areas as needed. Some significant advantages of a pressure washer are given below:

· Integrated Soap Bottle

The integrated soap bottle is an innovative pressure washer feature that allows you to add all kinds of detergents and soap, even liquid ones. With an integrated soap bottle, you can mix the right amount of soap into the water stream before leaving your pressure washer.

It allows you to choose what detergent you use depending on the job and your requirements.

· GFCI: Prevent From Short Circuit

Ground fault circuit interrupter helps prevent electrical shock. When a GFCI is plugged into a receptacle, it senses electrical current flow through the line. It has a trip mechanism that trips the circuit if it detects current leaking to the ground, protecting people from electric shock.

It stops power from reaching any more components attached to the GFCI breaker.

· Long Electric Cord

Pressure washers with a long electric cord provide the convenience of being able to reach further away from the power source and power a larger surface area. The length of the electrical cord will impact how quickly you can complete your cleaning projects.

A longer cord will improve productivity by allowing you to clean large areas without having to unplug and move around too frequently.

· Easy To Carry

This pressure washer is very easy to carry; storage and moving around will not be a problem. This pressure washer has wheels located on the bottom of the machine, which allows you to roll it as you please.

You also can carry t in your hand or lift it above your head, setting it down gently on a surface wherever you please.

· Leak-Proof Connectors

Leak-proof connectors are essential for the safety and effectiveness of your new pressure washer. Leak-proof connectors stop leaks on the hose, ensuring that all water pressure ends up where it’s supposed to—on the surface being cleaned.

These connectors are also helpful in preventing damage to surfaces and items because a leak can cause water to spread.


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