Have you thought about getting into the online retail business? An awesome move will be to consider dropshipping business. Since electric scooters are currently trendy, they would be a fantastic product to sell if you think of starting an online retail business. Also, with dropshipping, you do not have to purchase but link up with the supplier. So, if you want to start a business to dropship scooters, Alibaba is the place to go for your supply. The main question is, how do you go about the entire process of dropshipping electric scooters? The good thing is we have all the details you want to know.

How to start dropshipping electric scooters on Alibaba

Starting a dropshipping business is not as hard as you may assume. The only tricky part about this model is finding a supplier that carries the products and can handle the fulfillment process easily. However, you need not worry, as Alibaba is a fantastic retailer for a dropshipping business model for electric scooters. Working with Alibaba for your dropshipping business is easy; anyone can do it if dedicated.

Understand dropshipping basics

Dropshipping is a business model where a retailer team up with a supplier (dropshipper), so they can add products that the supplier offers on their website. So, when customers order products from the supplier’s website, the orders go directly to the supplier. So, the supplier does the order fulfillment instead of the retailer. This business model allows you to sell and advertise products you do not have in your stock. Also, you do not have to purchase the products or handle deliveries. As mentioned earlier, you will need a functional and well-optimized website with a niche of electric scooters.

Search the platform for the product you want to sell

One of the best things about Alibaba is its intuitive website that is easy to use. So, you must visit the website and use its search engine to find the product you wish to sell. Use the keywords “electric scooter dropshipping” on the search engine. Additionally, you can add your location to optimize your results. Doing so will filter your search, so you only get relevant results.

Choose a supplier

The platform’s search engine will provide different results depending on the keywords. So, the next step is going through the options and creating a short list of possible suppliers you would love to work with. You can use price, MOQ, and verification to determine the best suppliers. Narrow down your search based on the product specifications, price, reputation, and duration the business has been operational. You will get satisfaction working with suppliers that many dropshippers recommend.

Contact the suppliers

Once you have narrowed it down, shortlist the suppliers; the next step is contacting the suppliers. You can do this directly from Alibaba.com by clicking on “contact supplier.” You can discuss the specifics with the supplier and reach a deal.


Picking a supplier from Alibaba is easy. Furthermore, the platform offers so many options in various locations. So, if a supplier does not work for you, you can easily choose another one.


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