If you are a property owner, one way to maintain your space well is to keep it clean through frequent cleaning. It helps boost the space’s appearance and enhances its value. The Giraffe Tools Pressure washing machine can make most outdoor surfaces clean fast and effectively. But that notwithstanding, you need to know how to protect the surfaces you attend to avoid damage when cleaning. The best way is to understand how to use your machine on each of them.

Surfaces you need to protect during Giraffe Tools Grandfalls pressure washing

Giraffe Tools Grandfalls pressure washing machine uses high pressure to remove stubborn stains and debris, and sometimes, the pressure may be more damaging than profitable. During cleaning, the water comes out of the nozzle with very high pressure, not forgetting the cleaning solutions and chemicals that may affect many surfaces. Learn about what you should protect during pressure cleaning below.

Protect yourself first

Your skin is sensitive and can react with the cleaning solution and chemicals you use for your washing. At the same time, the water comes through the nozzle with very high pressure based on how you’ve adjusted your machine. All this can be risky on your skin. Therefore, you need to wear protective gear like gloves, eye protection gear, and toe covering shoes to ensure total safety. Go for the best gears in the market for maximum safety.

Do not use high pressure on your car

The high pressure from the nozzle can remove paint from your car, which may leave it looking ugly, and also prone to rusting. You will also be forced to set up a budget for professional painting, something you had no plans for. It is, thus, better to lower the pressure other than using a high pressure to clean it even when it’s quite dirty.

Be cautious on the painted surfaces

Unless you are using the machine to remove stubborn paint stains on your deck or the driveway, you should avoid using it on surfaces that are well painted. The reason is that the water might come from the nozzle with very high pressure, strong enough to remove paint on surfaces. It is, therefore, better to avoid aiming the high-pressure nozzle on such surfaces.

Watch out for the roof shingles

While using high pressure on the roof shingles comes in handy when there’s so much dirt, the machine removes the granules from the shingles if you set it to maximum pressure. If you use high pressure repeatedly, you will remain with damaged shingles, and soon, you will need to replace them.

Be careful as you clean plants

The high pressure and the chemicals from the pressure washing machine can damage live plants. Using the machine on them, especially when on maximum pressure, could leave them withered, dry, or weak; avoid washing them with high pressure.


Giraffe Tools Grandfalls pressure washing keeps your property clean and well maintained to increase its curb appeal and raise its value. However, it would be best to refrain from using it on sensitive surfaces that you may damage during the cleaning process.


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