The solar flood lights are a special type of lighting that is designed to provide a large amount of artificial light to a large area. They are great for illuminating places such as concert stages, stadiums, sports fields, parking lots, and much more. A solar flood light is a type of flood light that is powered by solar energy. The solar panel present on solar lights charges itself during the daytime and uses that stored energy at the night. This makes the light self-sufficient and doesn’t need any kind of external power source.

In this article features of solar flood lights, the advantages of using solar flood lights, and where to buy them from.

Salient Features Of Solar Flood Lights

In this section features of solar flood lights have been discussed thoroughly.

Resistant To Harsh Weather Conditions

Weather resistance is a material’s capacity to avoid corrosion, material loss, or deterioration as a result of prolonged exposure to adverse environmental and weather conditions. An acidic atmosphere with high temperatures, pollution, humidity, bright sunlight, wind, dampness, snow, or extreme temperature are examples of harsh environmental and weather conditions. The solar flood lights are resistant to harsh weather conditions which eventually increases their durability.

Totally Waterproof

The solar flood lights are completely waterproof which means they don’t let water mess with the light’s system. They restrict the entry of water completely and allow the flood light to even function in extremely rainy conditions without impairing its performance. With the ability to restrict water when combined with the ability to face harsh weather conditions the floodlight becomes the ultimate weapon to light up roads and courtyards during adverse weather conditions.

High intensity of light

The solar flood lights emit a very high intensity of light that is sufficient to light up big areas like car parks etc. These lights help curtail criminal activities in the area concerned. The light that comes out from them is not only bright but is also long-ranged, this helps that light to cover a large area. The difference between normal flood lights and solar flood lights is that the latter is more economical in nature.

Dusk to Dawn sensor

The dusk to dawn sensor present in the solar flood lights detects day and night and operates accordingly. When there’s dusk the light automatically turns on and at dawn, it turns off. There’s no manual work to be done in turning them on or off. The small component that has the light-sensing ability is known as Photo eyes. It senses lights and automatically turns on or off the flood light without any exterior help.

Advantages Of Solar Flood Lights

In this section, the advantages of solar flood lights have been discussed thoroughly.

Facilitates Heavy Usage

The solar flood lights facilitate heavy usage which means they can be used extensively without getting damaged or without malfunctioning. The quality of material used assists them in being used for a long duration of time. It doesn’t get overheated easily.

Can Charge From Solar Panels

Solar flood lights as the name suggest uses solar power as a source of energy. They do so by taking the help of the solar panels that are attached to them. The solar panel stores solar energy from the sun during the day and provides power to light the solar flood lights at night.

No manual work required

The solar floodlight as discussed earlier comes with a dusk to dawn sensor that automatically turns on or turns off the floodlight, i.e. it requires no manual or exterior help in turning it on or off it does it by itself.


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