An ideal blunt splitter is a must-have for individuals who indulge in smoking as a past-time. While you could easily use a pair of scissors or knife to cut a cigar or a blunt, a splitter is ideal.

People who enjoy cigars liken it to a blissful journey with puffs of smoke. A good splitter plays a considerable role before you set off on this nostalgic journey.

When purchasing an efficient cigar splitter, consider the following:

a. Price

Prices of splitters vary. This price difference arises from the cost of production and shipping. Some are made with materials that are slightly costly compared to others. Shipping costs are dependent on the location of the customer.

They will be cheaper than buying a single piece if you purchase wholesale packages.

b. Material

Splitters are made of different materials. Some are plastic made, while others of stainless steel and polymer materials. Individuals looking for timeless and classic accessories tend to lean toward stainless steel brands.

The other majority are comfortable using plastic made. All are durable if well taken care of.

c. Cigar splitter Design and color

Most stainless steel cigar accessories are silver or grey in color. Those made from plastic are usually an array of colors. You can pick one that has been made in your favorite color.

Some people prefer going for the latest designs which enter the market. While others go for a more classic-looking splitter. Some are automatic

d. Blades

Some splitters come inbuilt with a single blade. It does not reduce its efficiency compared to one that has double blades. They both serve the same purpose of producing a clean cut.

e. Value

Consider if you are buying a cigar splitter for someone else as a gift or yourself. If purchasing as a present, consider the value you want the recipient to hold over it. When buying it for personal use, it should be an accessory that enhances your smoking experience.

f. Shipping

You will want to purchase from someone who can ship anywhere. No sense in the splitter globe-trotting around the globe before it gets to you. It will only increase the shipping cost and duration you must wait for your purchase.


When shopping and deciding what type of cigar splitter to buy, functionality and durability should take center stage. If using it on a cigar, the cut has to be at the correct diameter. An ideal one should have a blade that cuts a small hole.

A hole too large causes the release of too much smoke. The blade on the splitter goes a long way in ensuring the job gets done well. A pair of scissors or knives cannot be used in place of a splitter and give the same results.

Most cigars are constructed entirely of flavors, which need to be enjoyed through their transitions without mouthfuls of unwanted smoke. A good burn is achieved from a well-cut cigar hole, equates to a great experience.


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